Thursday, May 29, 2008


Okay, so all of you know that I have been talking about people coming to our doors --- and how we respond to that. Well, yesterday I was over at the Church (which is across the street) and I was working on some stuff over there. And all of a sudden two guys come walking in wearing business suits. I knew right away they were either selling religion or selling stuff. So we cut right to the chase and found out they were sales guys for this company called Quill. Now I knew the company and I listened to their sales pitch --- and it was good stuff that the Church needed and it was a really good price. So I bought some stuff. And --- get this --- they have been in Roxboro for a week working and have had great success selling. So, I deduced from this example that people are open to talking with door-to-door sales people in Roxboro, as long as they have heard of the "brand name." Maybe by introducing myself as the Pastor of the Church up around the corner --- that will help with the "brand name." What do you all think?

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Mom said...


No one should go to the door unless they know who is on the other side, especially, children, women at home alone, and seniors. There are many who have experienced rape, murder, robbery, etc because of not using their heads.
Be careful.