Monday, May 12, 2008

Speaker's Corner

We had a great day yesterday. We did go to Holy Trinity Church and it was awesome. There were so many children at that Church it was almost dangerous. They even had toy chests in the sanctuary and the kids were playing with toys and balls during the worship service. Yesterday afternoon we went to this place called Hyde Park. At Hyde Park they are well known for this thing called Speaker's Corner. Where anyone can get up on their "soapbox" and say anything they want. The first speaker that I heard was a Muslim who was arguing against the atheism. He did this mostly through arguing that it took a great deal of faith to believe in the evolutionary theory --- so why not put that faith toward the creator rather than Stephen Hawking. Here is a picture.
And then I proceeded down to another speaker that was drawing quite a crowd and he was a fire and brimstone preacher --- who seems like he mostly stuck to the King James Version when he preached. He was mostly arguing with people that were trying to prove there was no Jesus and he was trying to prove Jesus not only existed, but also was the Son of God.
We then met up with my sister in China Town and checked out one of the convenience stores. I am holding a bag of dried shrimp. I don't know if you are supposed to eat them like potato chips or add them as seasoning --- whatever it is supposed to be I am sure it is um, um, good.
This morning I went to mass at St. Mary's Clapham. It was just a normal service but what was really cool was the short discussion with the priest afterwards. He is of an order called Redemptorists. They are evangelical preaching priests who take a vow of poverty so they can share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who are poor. Click the link above to learn more about them.

Today we are heading to Westminster Abbey and then to Even Song at Westminster.

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Chris Davis said...

Seems like you are having fun Phillip. We missed you at church but I am excited for your opportunity to visit London. PS I think Mom and Dad were exhausted and ready to tag other grandparents. God bless you and stay safe.