Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The reason I asked all of you about people going to your door is because we are just about to start going door-to-door with WikiWorship. There are certain neighborhoods that are very close to Warren's Grove, where there is no one from that neighborhood that attends Warren's Grove. Actually, I am planning on this Sunday venturing out into these neighborhoods to gather questions for this WikiWorship project. So please be in prayer for me as I go out. You all will think this is funny, but right out of highschool I used to work for the Charlotte Observer. I was hired on with a bunch of young guys to go door-to-door selling newspaper subscriptions. And actually it was a very successful venture. I bet that 10% of the doors we went to people would buy the paper from us. I know that here in Person County it seems like there are fewer people that come to our doors. Maybe when I go to peoples' doors they will give me a chance. So please pray for me as I venture out into the door-to-door arena this weekend.

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