Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Westminster Abbey

Yesterday we started out by going to Westminster Abbey. Now, this is going to be some information for any of you that really like the history of the Church. Westminster Abbey is called an Abbey because it started out as a monestary. But after all Church splits this ended up being a Church in the Church of England. Now, the person that is over this Church is the Queen. All the other Anglican Churches have the Arch Bishop of Canterbury over them --- but not Westminster Abbey. We spent a whole bunch of time in Westminster and we went back for the Evensong service at 5pm.
While we were waiting for Evensong we went across the street to the Methodist Central Hall. This is a beautiful building that can hold over 2,500 people. It was built so around the beginning of the 1900's. It happens to be right across the street --- which I think is a wonderful testament of the Methodist Church. The reason I say that is it is right across the street from Westminster Abbey, the power of the Anglican Church --- which we disented from. Below you will see me standing next to a man named Mervin Appleby who showed us around. We are standing next to a book showing all the names of people that donated a pound each to help build this hall.
We were exhausted after this day. So far we have been to a Church service every full day we have been in England.

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Anonymous said...

I love your notes and the pictures. It's almost like being there. Beautiful. Thank you. Carolyn