Thursday, January 31, 2013

Luke 5.1-11

This coming Sunday we will be focusing on Luke 5.1-11. In this passage we see the calling of the first disciples in the gospel of Luke. Jesus does not have enough room on the shore to preach ----- so he asks a fisherman to take him out a little way and let him preach from the boat (preaching from a boat would have to be cool). Once the message is done, Jesus then turns to Simon the fisherman and says ------ let's go out and catch some fish. Simon then has to make a decision ------ he has been out all night fishing and the preacher / miracle worker / carpenter has told him to go and try again. He can either act on this advice ----- or say no way. When Simon does what Jesus tells him to do he catches so many fish the boat(s) begin to sink.

Interestingly, when Simon has this happen to his boat ------ he doesn't begin running around talking about how much money he has just made. Instead he falls to his knees, at the feet of Jesus, and says "Go away from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man!" The miraculous blessing elicits a response from Simon ----- the response of confession. Simon confesses his own inadequacies and his own sinfulness.

Is there a time in your own life where the Lord has revealed himself to you ----- and you felt inadequate and ill-prepared? If so, what did you do?