Friday, May 2, 2008

Piedmont Community College

I wanted to share with all of you that I was invited to come back to Piedmont Community College, in Roxboro, NC, to talk about the questions those students are asking the Church and asking God. I am really excited about this and this is going to be at 12 noon this afternoon, Friday, May 2nd.

Also, we can see that there has been some discussion about prayer. The initial questions was: "What is the purpose of prayer?" And the response said: "I think the purpose of prayer is part of building/strengthening your relationship with Christ. We have conversations w/ our family and friends so it makes sense to also have a "conversation" with our Maker." This answer centers prayer on relationship --- which I think is clearly found in what we commonly call "The Lord's Prayer," --- you know "Our Father....." How relationship is found in the Lord's Prayer is that we are to address God as Father and that means we are a child of God.

Okay, so let me build on that question --- when we ask God for things, how does that line up with the purpose of prayer being relationship? On the flip side --- can God ask us for things in prayer?

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BumptheViking said...

When we ask God for things in prayer it's considered a relationship because he receives something in return from us as well. He has our faith in Him and the fact that we are followers of Him. I also believe that God can ALSO ask us for things in prayer such as our forgiveness, and giving our entire selves up to Him. The relationship starts with a person TOTALLY giving themselves up to God.