Monday, May 5, 2008

Prayer..... cont.

Last Friday, at Piedmont Community College, I had a great visit with April. There were other people that took part in our discussions as well. I forgot to get a picture of April at our last visit so I got it this time. April is the one who asked this question. We were not really able to continue with the discussion from this question --- hopefully April will comment on this so we can continue with her question.

But, we have been having a good discussion on prayer. If you all are new to the blogging world you might not know that you can post a comment and read other people's posts. Just look below right here, and click on post a comment. There was a comment on the Piedmont Community College post that said this:
"When we ask God for things in prayer it's considered a relationship because he receives something in return from us as well. He has our faith in Him and the fact that we are followers of Him. I also believe that God can ALSO ask us for things in prayer such as our forgiveness, and giving our entire selves up to Him. The relationship starts with a person TOTALLY giving themselves up to God."
Bumptheviking makes a big claim and I would love to see what you all think. He says that this relationship, that is found in God, starts with a person totally giving him/herself up to God. Wow! That is a big claim. Does The Viking really mean that we are to give up everything and all of who we are to God? That seems huge. What do you all think? Please weigh in and put any other questions on the comment section that you might want to post.

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