Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ephata Choir

In 1997 ten young people of the United Methodist Church in Friedrichsdorf/Germany founded a Choir with the help of some adults. More and more people joined the group, which now has about 50 members at every age and regularly sings during Sunday worship.
Searching for a name we found the Bible story where Jesus healed a terminally ill man (Mark 7, 31 – 37). "Ephata!", he said, which means: "Open up!"
The Choir Ephata would like to invite people to open themselves to Jesus Christ and for a new life in Christian discipleship. Music helps our hearts to be opened for God.
In July 2000 we made a first Choir tour to the USA. It was a tremendous experience of Christian fellowship in so many congregations and families. So, we decided to venture other tours. After being present in the USA a second time and tours to England and the Czech Republic, our plan to visit the Republic of South Africa became a reality in the year 2008. This tour deeply moved us as we met many unique and impressive ambassadors of God’s love, caring in particular for the poor and the disadvantaged.
The opportunity to be guests in so many churches and to meet so many people is the most important gift for us when we give concerts and meet other congregations in our country or abroad.

We would like to extend an invitation for all of you to come to this awesome concert on Sunday, March 31st at 5.30pm in the sanctuary at Warren's Grove. Immediately after the service feel free to stay for a covered-dish supper. All are invited!