Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What we are doing

Okay, so this is where we are really going to need your help. What we are starting to do is gather questions. Now what I need from you is to click on the word comments below and that will allow you to leave a question. If you see there is already a post there --- that is okay --- you can also post a comment. The kind of questions we are looking for are these: have you ever had a question about life, or for God, or for the Church that you have felt like you haven't received a good answer or you haven't been able to say it out loud? Then what we want to do is hear from you. Because Warren's Grove is trying to find out the questions that real people are asking. And then we are going to gather all the questions that we get and attempt (I emphasize attempt) to answer those questions. But not in some flippant and arrogant way --- we will try to answer them where all of you help us to answer them prayerfully, biblically and in a caring and loving way --- while at the same time speaking truth in love. I am very excited, especially after this last Sunday where I gathered all of those questions from wonderful people that live really close to the Church. You do not have to attach your name to the questions --- so you can be anonymous --- or please attach your name and that will help us when trying to answer your question and praying for you. Thank you for your help.

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