Thursday, June 26, 2008


The WikiWorship Team [the above picture is not the team, but I did think these people really look professional] has now officially gathered all of the questions that we are looking for. This was a wonderful process and I could tell that we all were affected by the questions that came in for the group. This last Monday night we went through the questions trying to find themes --- and we were somewhat successful --- we ended up finding about 11 themes and we were hoping for 6. So we are going to have one more meeting to see if there is any discernible way to form some of the themes together. Thank you all for all of your work at getting questions to us. Remember --- our kick-off event for WikiWorship is going to be Sunday, July 20th at 11am at Warren's Grove United Methodist Church. You can find a link to this over on the right hand side of your screen --- so that you can get directions. After the 11 o'clock worship service we will be continuing our discussions over lunch in the fellowship hall. This lunch will be free of charge. So, invite your friends and put it on your calendar for July 20th. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow deeper in our faith and I invite you to be a part of this.

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