Saturday, June 28, 2008

What is the Wiki in WikiWorship?

I know that many people will probably be checking this blog in the next few days so I wanted to say a little something about Wikipedia before proceeding on with posts of questions. The main reason that I decided to call WikiWorship, WikiWorship, is based on the Wikipedia. Just in case you don't know how Wikipedia works let me give you a little background. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which allows anyone to edit the content of entries. For instance, if there was an entry about a dog and in the encyclopedia entry it was to say a dog is a four-legged furry animal that barks. Well, if you wanted to, you could go in and change that and say a dog has five legs and is a bald reptile who meows. This is the trick to Wikipedia --- Wikipedia acknowledges that all encyclopedias are biased in some form or another --- so they open it up for anyone to edit, rather than just a select few people. It is acknowledging the post-modern belief that all truth is relative --- even truth that is surrounded by "facts."
The reason I used the word Wiki, in WikiWorship, was to show that we could edit the content of a worship service --- how we are going to do that is to edit it with the questions that we gather. This blog is one way that we are gathering questions --- and as you can see we have had some hard hitting questions. Other ways are through on the street interviews, door-to-door interactions, gathering the questions in the Warren's Grove congregation and through mailings. When we get these questions we will try to answer them during worship services at Warren's Grove in Roxboro, NC. We hope that all of you will help us gather those questions. How you do that is through emailing them to me and I can post them for discussion. Here is my email:

Once I get the questions I am forming a big list and then we will try to answer those in a Christian community. The dates that we will do this are July 20, 27; August 3, 10, 17, 24. This will all be done at 11am at Warren's Grove United Methodist Church. I am really excited about this and I am also excited about how many people have viewed this blog. I am going to try to periodically continue to tell about this project. If you would like to read the paper I wrote on this --- please email me. God bless you. But all of you are invited to this event. We welcome visitors, and we will feed you lunch on those above dates as well. Keep checking the blog and you will learn more about WikiWorship.

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