Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Laughing at the Devil

Okay, so this weekend I preached a sermon called: "Laughing at the Devil." I talked about taking care of those who are vulnerable --- eg. the poor, the elderly, children, the dying, unwed mothers --- is actually laughing at the devil. That we are flying in the face of the prevailing culture by taking care of those that others have left behind, and they have been left behind because they don't seem to present any apparent "good" to the great cause that we call citizenship or in other words - tax-payer.
So I have to ask the question --- do you think our culture is really like that --- or am I just blowing hot air?
Also, there is an assumption that I am operating under and that is, that there is a devil --- do you all think there is a devil, or the devil, or devils (however you want to phrase it)?

I put a picture of a gargoyle that overlooks part of the quad at Duke's campus --- cool huh? At Duke we definitely believe in the devil --- and he wears Duke Blue.

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