Monday, April 28, 2008


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to preach at our sister Church --- Lea's Chapel United Methodist Church --- so any of you that are reading this and you go to Lea's Chapel I want to say thank you for having me.

During the sermon I brought up the how the early church viewed idolatry and showed how we in America have idols as well. Instead of having rock gods and wood gods, we now will idolize the stock market or the oil price market --- praying for those gods to go in a direction that would benefit our pocket books.

I was wondering what you all thought. You can comment by just clicking the comment link right underneath this post. Do you think we still have idols today? And if so, do you have any, or do you know of any that other people have?

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Anonymous said...

I believe that we do have idols today. Some people may not even realize that they are worshiping these idols because they do not pray directly to them. However they might spend way too much time with thier particular idol, let's say the Internet, and loose track of what is really important.