Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This morning I arrived at Duke at 4.30a. I am working on a paper on Christianity and Matters concerning the end of life. This is based on a book by Julian of Norwich titled Revelations of Divine Love. Actually, I put a picture of it at the top. End of life issues seem to be where the rubber hits the road for many of us. When we are having to make decisions for loved ones and we don't exactly know what they want or what God wants. Ever since the Terry Schiavo case the Christian community seems to be walking on pins and needles to make sure that they make all the end of life decisions for their loved ones before they are forced to make these decisions. It seems like the "living wills" that I have seen have poorly planned and put together. Some make the case that they want no outside help to keep them alive. This would mean that they could not even have oxygen. This is a tough thing to think about and sort through. As I am here trying not to think about a paper I was wondering what you all think? And keep praying for me, that 9 pages will show forth their beautiful head ---- especially a head that has an "A" on it!

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