Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Internet Idolatry

So, yesterday we had a comment that said this about idolatry:

"I believe that we do have idols today. Some people may not even realize that they are worshiping these idols because they do not pray directly to them. However they might spend way too much time with their particular idol, let's say the Internet, and lose track of what is really important."

This response begs me to ask another question. If it is possible to have an idol (like the Internet --- the example that was used) then what makes that an idol? Is it just a matter of spending too much time with something? Or is something deeper?
Anonymous says that we might not even know that we are worshiping these idols --- and that we are losing track of what is really important. What are the important things in life?
The comment that Anonymous made was perfect for our discussion on idolatry. What do you all think --- what is important for you?

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