Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sheep and Goats

In Matthew 25.31-46 Jesus says the Son of Man will come with the angels and judge the sheep and the goats. Now you might want to quickly read this story because I noticed something interesting. Neither group knows that they have seen Jesus. The one group feeds, supplies drink, welcomes strangers, clothes, visits the sick and visits prisoners. While the other group does not feed, supply a drink, welcome strangers, clothe, visit the sick or visit the prisoner. The only difference is what the two groups do, but both of them are clueless. Are we clueless that Jesus is in our midst? That is an important question-----but the answer doesn't really matter. The important thing for us to do is to take care of the "least of these." Because Jesus has solidly positioned himself with the hungry, thirsty, naked, stranger, sick and prisoner.

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Bman said...

what a great valid question, right on.