Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, what I have been getting at with the Spanish Inquisition is the idea of forcing people into Christianity. We all believe there are certain things that Christians are to be about, those are loving God and loving our neighbors. The theory behind the inquisition is if we can force people to do the "christian" thing then they will be saved. Should we ever force people to do the "christian" things? For instance, Carrie Underwood above was strolling along a Hollywood Boulevard and decided to give to someone that was begging. For the most part, giving to the needy is a Christian thing. Should we force people to do this Christian act? What do you all think?

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Devoted said...

Wow, brother, you have said so much in the past couple of blogs. I am surprised you have not had more responses.

As a Christian, our hearts should, and I believe, will burn for the souls of the lost. We can and should pray always for them, we can show the unbeliever through our lives, we can show them the scripture...but it is God, Himslef, through the Holdy Spirit that will lead a person to the point of repentance.

We cannot 'force' "Christianity" upon matter how much we would like to hit the upside the head with the Bible...or in the case of the inquisition...burn them at the stake.

Thanks for such great blogs! God bless.