Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted

I voted ---- this is a picture that is just like the sticker that I received when I voted this morning, but this isn't my sticker because I don't have that cool of a shirt. But, I did vote. And you know what ----- all the media hype that there were going to be long lines was not true. I arrived at the voting site at 6:05am and there was no one there. For about 15 minutes I was the only one there. I went right in when the polls opened and was out of there at 6:35am. So, the moral of the story ----- don't always trust the media. But, please go and vote. And in my sermon the other day when I was talking about the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, there is only one choice ---- unless of course you want to have a write-in candidate.

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