Saturday, November 15, 2008

Methodist Pie - Gene Autry

Click Here for a link to this awesome song, the words are below. You are allowed to sing out loud from your desk.

I’ve down to camp meeting the other afternoon
For to hear 'em shout and sing;
For to tell each other how they love one another
And to make a hallelujah ring.
There’s old Uncle Daniel and Brother Ebenezer
Uncle Rufus with his lame gal, Sue,
Aunt Polly and Melinda and old Mother Bender
Oh, you never seen a happier crew

Well they all go there for to have a good time
And to eat that grub so sly
Have applesauce and butter, with sugar-in-the-gourd
And a great big Methodist pie

Oh, little chillen, I believe
Oh, little chillen, I believe
Oh, little chillen, I believe
I's a Methodist till I die
I's a Methodist, Methodist, in my belief
I's a Methodist till I die.
When the old grim death comes a-knocking at the door
I's a Methodist till I die

Well you ought to hear the ringing when they all get to singing
That good old “Bye and Bye”;
See Jimmy McGee in the top of a tree
Said, how is this for high.
Then they caught a hold of hands and march around a ring
Keep a-singing all the while
You'd think it was a cyclone a-coming through the air,
You could hear ’em shout a half a mile.
Then the bell rings loud and the great big crowd
Breaks ranks and up they fly,
While I took ahold of the sugar in the gourd,
And I cleaned up the Methodist Pie.


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Anonymous said...

I have Gene Autry's version of this song on a cassette tape that my father recorded off an old 45 record album in 1986. I still listen to it sometimes. I love Gene's version of this song better. I sometimes sing along with it....God bless...