Friday, September 12, 2008

Piedmont Community College

On Wednesday of this week I went with Brian McIntyre and Branden Mooney to Piedmont Community College. We went there to see if there was any interest in starting a ministry to that college. And you all would not believe it. We had 12 people sit down with us for an hour and talk about the things of God and the Church. It was awesome and we are very encouraged by this outing. Warren's Grove is going to continue this ministry to the college students at PCC and we would love for you all to send any students our way that you know of. Our next gathering will be on Wednesday, September 24th at noon in the cafeteria. We will provide the food and drinks and they can just come and talk about the things of God in an open and caring environment. There are many students in Roxboro and I see God doing big things in our midst. Let us be in prayer for this new ministry at Warren's Grove.

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