Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inviting People

One thing that I have noticed with this passage is that it doesn't matter who is in the house. Now God explicitly tells the people of Israel that they should get together with their families (Exodus 12.3), but that doesn't leave out others. Why I think this is important ---- is due to the fact that if there were Egyptians at the time who believed in the God of Israel they could have gone into the houses of the Israelites and been covered by that same blood. But, they had to enter into the house of a Jew. This actually very similar to us as Gentile Christians. By entering into the house of a Jew we are saved by the blood. We must always remember that Jesus was Jewish ---- and was born into a Jewish world. And because of this Jew's shed blood we are saved. I thought this was an interesting thing that I noticed in the passage. Jesus invites us into his house ---- those that had not been invited before ---- and in that house we will be saved because we are covered by the blood of the lamb.

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