Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beggar God?

I have often heard Jesus described as a beggar God. The reason people describe him as being a beggar God is that he describes himself that way in Matthew 25.31-46. So if that is the case ---- that we serve a beggar God ---- are we to be begging people? And I want to give an answer to that question ---- resoundingly, YES! We are to come before the throne of grace boldly, begging to God on behalf of others and ourselves. A great example of how we are to be begging people is found in Exodus 16. Here the Israelites come to Moses complaining and the Tremendous Lover pours out for them FREE FOOD. This seems to be a restructuring of the earth, where the curse of Adam is no longer relevant. And now God has become their savior and their provider.

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haveagreatlife said...

Yeah! right! we are beggar that is why we are begging for his forgiveness and very thankful for his love