Wednesday, September 10, 2008


If any of you have not heard me talk about this word before, I should give a little back ground. There is a group of people from many different denominations that meets to figure out a 3 year cycle of scripture for the Church calendar. This is called the lectionary. If a person was to read each of the verses of the lectionary each week for three years you would read about three quarters of the entire bible. This might be a little slow going for some of you, but if any of you need to work at a slower pace through scripture just email me and I will show you how you can keep up with this. Well, during the school year I become more and more of a lectionary preacher. So I will follow the lectionary Sunday after Sunday rather than preaching on themes [ie. WikiWorship]. So this Sunday I am torn between two lectionary texts. How about you all read them and tell me what you think, or what insights you see in them. Here they are:

Matthew 18.21-35

Exodus 14.19-31

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