Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

I am starting to get geared up for going back to school. I just got done spending $300 on text books. But that is not as bad as the guy that was in front of me ----- he had a bill for $460. That is a boat load of money to spend on text books. The classes that I am taking this fall are:
A class on Lesslie Newbigin - taught by Dr. Geoffrey Wainwright.
Exegesis of Romans - taught by Dr. Richard Hayes.
The Significance of Catechumenate for Making Disciples - taught be Dr. Fredrick Edie.
This is an exciting semester. I am taking classes with two professors that I have been wanting to take a class with ------ those being Wainwright and Hayes. I only have two more semesters to go.

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