Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank You

I wanted to write a message to all of you that have been following WikiWorship and who attended the worship services. It was so touching to me to see all of you participating in this huge project. We ended up having over 60 people [some of them were children] stay for lunch with around 50 people that participated in a small group discussion. You all should be so proud of yourselves and thank you for letting us go really deep in our discussions. I know for a fact that many people got a lot out of WikiWorship, while at the same time it was very different for many of us. Thank you for being a Church that allows people to ask the hard questions. Thank you for being a Church that is a safe place to ask the hard questions. It is my sincere honor to be a part of this wonderful ministry at Warren's Grove.
As a result of this project I have noticed that many people like following the blog on a daily basis. I am going to try to continue the blog ---- and what I will do is bring up different aspects of the Warren's Grove ministry and tell details about what goes on in my daily life as the Pastor at Warren's Grove. I hope someday to be able to bring up a discussion on the blog about what I will be preaching on the next Sunday. But, I am not quite ready to put that in motion. Please be praying for me and again thank you for all that you do to make Warren's Grove a community where hearts are touched, families can grow and the world is changed.

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