Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have to tell all of you about Thursday this week. I volunteer at the Christian Help Center on Thursdays and this week they had a list for me when I walked in the door. The biggest thing is that they wanted me to move a desk from one office to another office. Well there was just me and some other people who could not lift heavy objects. Well the problem was that we had to lift a desk up to our shoulders to get it out. Well that was going to be impossible without assistance. So I told the ladies we had to pray for God to send us someone. So we all grabbed each other's hand and prayed for God to send someone with a strong back to help us lift up the desk. So after we prayed in walked a guy making a donation. We asked if he could help and he said sure. We did it in no time flat and then he asked if they needed help weekly. We all started grinning because I am just about to stop volunteering because I am going back to school ---- so we said, yeah, Thursdays we need help from 9am till 11am for just odds and ends help. He jumped at the opportunity. Isn't God good! In the Bible it says we have not because we ask not. Let us go before the throne of grace boldly as we seek to be disciples of Jesus Christ ---- whether that be lifting desks or sharing your faith.

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