Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spiritual Disciplines Part III ----- Scripture Reading

This coming Sunday I am going to be talking about how we can stay in love with God through the spiritual discipline of scripture reading. I love this picture above, because I love a well used Bible. I bring my Bible with me everyday I come to school, while at the same time I bring it with me to meetings and to worship on Sundays. As a result of that, it looks pretty beat up at times. I was wondering if your Bibles look pretty beat up as well? Write a comment below and tell about your Bible's wear and tear.
Also, the scripture that I will be preaching from this coming Sunday is 2 Timothy 3.10-17. I give this to you so that you can have already read that and studied it before this coming Sunday. I will post more about this sermon throughout the week.

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tduncan said...

I have several bibles that def. have wear and tear but they represent different times in my life. For example, I have the bible I received on my baptism that I used through elementary school. Then my dad bought me a student's bible which I used throughout my adolescence and into college. Then I found another bible that I am currently using.

I like to think of my bible as a scrapbook of sorts. It includes markings of my favorite passages, notes from family and loved ones, funeral bulletins and memorabilia, hand drawn pictures from students whom I taught in Sunday school and even photos. I like to think that one day when I am on high with my Lord that my bible will be left behind to share my ongoing relationship with Christ.