Friday, March 13, 2009

Youth Retreat

Hello everyone. I am just finishing my Spring Break (woooo-whoooo) and it was a nice time away from school work ------ even though I still read a school book. The book was written by Tex Sample, titled: Blue Collar Resistance and the Politics of Jesus. This is for a class that I am taking called The Local Church in Ministry. Check out this quote: "Basic to the ministry of the church is the construction of a community of faith that lives a different story that turns people who were no people into God's people." Amen to that. I did also want to write to you asking you to be in prayer for the youth of Warren's Grove. We are going on a spiritual retreat this weekend where we are going to be studying The Three Simple Rules. Those are: do no harm, do good and stay in love with God. Please pray that we will experience God in new and profound ways as we grow in our love of God and our love of neighbor.


Mandy Leigh said...

how was the retreat?!

KF said...

From a participant standpoint: AWESOME!! Thanks, Philip!