Monday, March 23, 2009

The End of a Series

This last Sunday I ended a series on the Three Simple Rules. This was based on a book by Bishop Reuben P. Job called Three Simple Rules. Those rules are 1) Do No Harm, 2) Do Good and 3) Stay In Love With God. I decided to end the series and then expand on the third rule----stay in love with God. I am going to do that by focusing on five common spiritual disciplines in Christianity. Those are: 1) prayer, 2) partaking of communion, 3) Bible reading, 4) fasting and 4) holy conferencing (or participating in groups that draw us closer to God). I am really excited about this ----- I think this will help all of us to make the three rules more real ----- more concrete. I will be starting out this Sunday, March 29th on Prayer. If there are any great stories or insights you would like to share on prayer, please just click on the comment link below and share.

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Anonymous said...

As you know, your grandmother-inlaw has bouts of restlessness, unesasiness, fidgetiness (if that's a word) she was just down right anxious about something and I had to put her to bed. She had been given her magic pills which are supposed to settle her down, about 30 minutes before and yet she still seemed way out there. Mom just couldn't settle down, I didn't want to leave her that way. I gently held her hands in mine and began praying the Lord's prayer. At first she kept muttering but with each verse I said, a calm came over her. Her breathing slowed, and whatever had taken over her, left. She was at peace by the end and even began saying it with me. It was as if the words that she learned as young person brought back those memories of comfort and peace. The Lord was surely in our presence. We say the Lord's prayer every night when I put her to bed. Prayer brings comfort.