Sunday, August 28, 2011

Frederick Buechner - Faith

I heard a quote by Frederick Buechner at Duke Divinity School's Convocation in 2010. I was putting away some of my notes and came upon that quote again. The above video is one by Frederick Buechner talking about faith. The quote that I was referring to is below: “The common view is that life itself, whatever life is, does not care one way or another, any more than the ocean cares whether we swim in it or drown in it. In honesty one has to admit that a great deal of the evidence supports such a view. But rightly or wrongly, the Christian faith flatly contradicts it. To say that God is Spirit is to say that life DOES care, that the life-giving power that life itself comes from is not indifferent as to whether we sink or swim. IT WANTS US TO SWIM.” ~ Frederick Buechner

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