Thursday, April 7, 2011

John 11.1-45

This coming Sunday we will be focusing on John 11.1-45. In this section of John, Jesus' friend Lazarus dies. And as a result of his death, and the grief that is surrounding the situation, Jesus weeps. He is moved with compassion and calls Lazarus to arise from the grave. In this story Martha was angry — Mary was angry — and Jesus was moved by their grief and their anger. His bowels are literally hurting as he weeps. In this passage we see the humanity of Jesus. That the God we serve is a God who weeps. A God who is moved with compassion for people that he cares for. Clearly, it is okay to show emotions and it is okay to be angry and weep. So the question I have for us is: Why do we sometimes try to put a cap on our emotions and feelings — when Jesus is the one who takes the cap off of his?

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