Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Next WikiWorship Event

For the next WikiWorship event (July 25th) we are going to be going with a theme of questions that ask what it means to be a Christian. There are some very intriguing questions in this group. Questions like: "Why is the church a place of gossip instead of worship?"; "Aren't all religions different ways of saying the same thing?"; "Is unconditional surrender possible for humans?"; "Where does God draw the line to say whether someone is old enough to know about him and believe in him?"; "Why is it so hard for Christians to see that we are called to share all we have with all of God's people?"; and finally "What is a Christian?" So we are going to be talking about things like why there are so many denominations, who goes to heaven / hell, and what does it take to be a Christian. I would like to invite all of you out on Sunday, July 25th at 6pm ----- there will be children activities, food, and a safe place to bring up the hard questions. See you there!

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