Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation 2010

I thought I would put a few pictures of graduation on for you all. Please enjoy. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support for the last four years. You all have been a true blessing to my family and we could not have done it without you.This is my friend Stephanie that works at the Divinity School.This is Dr. Richard Hays. I took his class on the Exegesis of Romans. He is the new Dean of the Divinity School.This is Bishop Ken Carder. I took a class called the Local Church in Mission with him. He is now a retired United Methodist Bishop who is a professor at the Divinity School.This is Luba Zakcharov. She is one of the librarians at the Divinity School library. She has given me great advice and insight over the years. I oftentimes say that she has been a pastor to me for a good long while.This is Dr. Stephen Gunter. I took Evangelism with him. In that class I wrote the WikiWorship project. Also, I took a directed independent study with him. In that class I wrote on Effective Church Planting.This is Dr. Portier-Young. I took her my first year at the Divinity School for Old Testament. She is one of only two professors that I took two classes with. In this picture is also my good friend Park Hunter.This is Dr. Kavin Rowe. I have taken him for Exegesis of Luke and Jesus in the Gospels. He is the other professor that I have taken two classes with. His class on Luke changed my life. That was my favorite class at Duke.
This is Jim & Jenny Scott. Jim used to be my boss man at S&D Coffee Inc., where I was a sales rep for 6 years.These are my parents ----- Bob & Barb Chryst and my oldest son Peter.The family ----- DeAnne is on the left ----- my nephew Caleb is in the picture ----- and also a friend of the family Bobbie Edmonds is to the right.This is my good friend Park Hunter. Park and I went through License to Preach school together and have been together for 4 years. He is going to Wisconsin and serving a church. He will be missed.These are my in-laws ----- Jim & Gail Ace.These are my Aunt Cherry, Uncle Den and Cousin Noelle.This is Dr. Bill Ritter. He taught the very first preaching class I took. He also came and preached at Warren's Grove for a revival we did. He will not be coming back to Duke in the fall. He has taken a job in the Detroit area.This is a picture with Peter, Emma and Ryan. Nathan did not make the trip down. He was probably in bed by the time we took this picture. These three look like they are ready also.
In this picture you will see my sisters ------ Mindy Chryst & Emily Phillips.Mom and I.DeAnne was the picture taker the whole time so she didn't really get in the pictures. So I do want to give a shout out for her. I could not have made it through without her. DeAnne, you are a blessing and I so much appreciate you.

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Praise God for His faithfulness!