Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Selfish Giving?

I heard a great conversation starter on selfish giving. This was on NPR on December 22nd, 2009. I thought you all would enjoy hearing this. If you are reading this on facebook then check out my blog at

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KF said...

Great link -- thanks. It brings up two good points:
1) Though this is liberal NPR, they almost did make an illustration using the Bible. There was a comment that motives and costs of gifts had been discussed by philosophers for a very long time, but they stopped short of the earliest such example I can think of: King David. In 2 Sam 24, he insists on buying, instead of receiving as a gift, a threshing floor from Araunah that King David wants to make into an alter. There may well be earlier examples which escape me now.
2) The point at the end where they discuss the changes in the giver is really key. My own example as a medical missionary to Kenya is perfect. I had no idea what to expect either as living situations, options for treatment, various observations or even (lastly, I have to admit) relationships when I left. It was the relationships and observations about infrastructure that have changed me the most. My motives were decidedly mixed when I left, but I've changed enough with the experience that they are much more clear and focused now. I expect that will make me more effective when I go back in a few months.