Thursday, September 17, 2009

All are sinners

So, my last post about sin was leading up to what Tisha (please read Tisha's comment by clicking this link) is talking about ----- that Romans 3.23 says: "since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." But, one thing I want to get at is it is easy for us to see the sin that is so apparent in society ----- hence my reference to the MTV Video Music Awards ----- but, is it as easy to see the sin in our own lives. So often we try to justify things that we know are sins by saying things like: "well I am not as bad as some people." Have you ever caught yourself comparing your sin to other people's sin? And, once you make that comparison do you ever go on doing the same things you were doing because you aren't really "that bad" of a person?

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Keuw said...

According to Geoffrey Wainwright, Augustine defined original sin in three categories. Superbia, Cupidity, and Cur in se incurvatum. Superbia is simply defined as pride. By being proud we fail to enter into the communion of God for which we are made. This leads to cupidity which is a love for creatures as though they were all important, a love for creatures in and of themselves. Eventually this will lead to the cur in se incurvatum- the latin for a heart turned in upon itself. All of this is summed up in Augustine's word Concupiscence- a misdirected love.

A modern writer, Leslie Newbigin characterized sin as conflict. Not that conflict is sin, but that conflict points to sin. Humans are conflicted with creation, each other, and God. The conflicts which occur with other humans and creation are a result of our conflict with God. As a result sin is not simply inappropriate action, but the gravest sins is unbelief. All sin flows from unbelief which connotes a lack of trust of God. When do to not trust, then we will participate in a "Willed transgression of a known law" as John Wesley put it.

With these categories of sin, "im not that bad" becomes quite trite.