Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tech Stuff

I have to confess ----- in the last year I have gotten to be quite the tech saavy person. And today is bumping it up another notch. You are not going to believe this but my office is not networked. So today Mr. Lin and I have been working on that all day. So that we can print off of one computer and be connected so that there can be the sharing of files amongst the church's computers. It is truly awesome to see such gifted people that have come into my life to help with these things. Mr. Lin has truly been a blessing in that regard. He developed the church's website, continues to update it and now is installing a network. My prayer is that we all use our gifts and talents to glorify God in the earth ----- because that is the place that we are to use them.


KF said...

Amen, Brother!

Ev said...

Three little letters to make your world better... MAC... ;) Networking made easy!