Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday, October 6th

We had the second night of our Heritage Revival services and the preacher was Don Johnson, Elder (pictured above). He is the Pastor at Prospect Hill Primitive Baptist Church and Philadelphia Primitive Baptist Church. He started out by preaching from Matthew 1.1 and talked about Jesus being the son of David and the son of Abraham. Referencing Genesis he then made the case that God had chosen Abraham to be a blessing. This is one main reason that Matthew says that Jesus is a son of Abraham ---- for he blesses. He blesses with salvation. Now this salvation is little by little (Deuteronomy 7.22) and it is a long and arduous process ---- just like the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years. The way to eternal life is through battles and the greatest battle is against yourself ---- against your sin. Don Johnson said many times: "The low ground of sin and sorrow." This is where we battle. But our hope is found in Jesus being at the right hand of the Father in intercession for us. The comforter, the Holy Spirit, comes and leads us through condemnation to forgiveness that is found in the shed blood of Christ. We are to be covered by the blood ---- but all of this doesn't happen in one day. It is little by little. By taking a long time we have to continue to look to God as our hope --- to grow in grace.

I wanted to say thank you to Don Johnson, Elder and the people from Prospect Hill Primitive Baptist Church for coming and sharing the gifts that the great giver of all gifts has trusted them with. Below you will see a list of ways you can pray during the rest of the revival and I would encourage you to pray these daily.

Prayers for Revival

1)Pray for the Holy Spirit to come and renew your heart to seek after God in all that you say and all that you do.
2)Pray to God that during this time you will grow deeper in your commitment to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
3)Pray for your neighbors. Pray that they will come to the saving knowledge that Jesus is their Lord and Savior.
4)Pray for the ministers that are coming to preach. Pray that God will put a word in their mouth that will help us grow in our faith.
5)Pray for unity at Warren's Grove as we strive to live into the vision that God has for us. Also, pray for God to open doors for us to build the building that God has called us to build, as we expand our ministries so we can share the good news of Jesus Christ with all people.

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