Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Man of Steel

Last night I went and saw the Man of Steel movie.  I really enjoyed it and there was one quote that stuck out to me that I still am ruminating about.  Clark went into the local church in his hometown and the priest asked him what was on his mind.  As he started sharing the complexity of his problems and his befuddlement about what he was to do ------ you could tell the priest didn't know what to say.  So Clark just got up from the pew and was beginning to leave.  The priest then said: "Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first.  The trust part comes later."

Isn't that so true with relationships in general.  As Christians we have to be the initiators of relationship ------ we have to take that leap of faith.  For we find ourselves in a world that is oftentimes skeptical of anyone that is gracious and merciful.  But when we are the initiators and allow ourselves to be vulnerable to the world ------- oftentimes the trust will come. 

But that notion of vulnerability is a tough word for us.  For we oftentimes want to build walls ------- so that we have proper "boundaries".  When we use that word "boundaries" ------- we mostly say things like that so that we will not be hurt any longer.  Thank goodness that Jesus did not focus on proper boundaries.  Instead, he offered himself to the world ------ by laying down his life for others. 

Now may we go and do likewise -------- as we lay down our lives for the benefit of the world. 

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