Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Gospel of Luke

For the months of December 2012 through March 2013 we will be focusing on the Gospel of Luke. In Luke we find an account of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Luke writes this gospel he confesses that there were others who had written an account of the life of Jesus. What he wants to do is write an account of the life of Jesus in dedication to a man named most excellent Theophilus (Luke 1.3). Luke then says he wants to write this for Theophilus "so that you may know the truth concerning the things about which you have been instructed" (Luke 1.4).

Many of us have had instruction in the ways of Christ ----- what we want to do during our time in the Gospel of Luke, is to learn more about this Jesus ---- "so that you may know the truth."

We would like to invite you to come and learn the truth concerning Jesus Christ. Not the assumptions that people make of the God-man ---- instead may we know the truth ----- and the truth will set us free. This teaching series will be during our 8:45am & 11am services at Warren's Grove ( All are invited!

Below you will find a listing of what passage we will be focusing on each Sunday:
December 2nd, 2012: Luke 21.25-36
December 9th, 2012: Luke 3.1-6
December 16th, 2012: Luke 3.7-18
December 23rd, 2012: Luke 1.39-55
December 24th, 2012: Luke 2.1-20
December 30th, 2012: Luke 2.41-52
January 6th, 2013: Matthew 2.1-12 (Epiphany Sunday)
January 13th, 2013: Luke 3.15-22
January 20th, 2013: Luke 4.14-21
January 27th, 2013: Luke 4.21-30
February 3rd, 2013: Luke 5.1-11
February 10th, 2013: Luke 6.17-26
February 13th, 2013: Luke 12.22-34
February 17th, 2013: Luke 4.1-13
February 24th, 2013: Luke 13.22-35
March, 3rd, 2013: Luke 13.1-9
March 10th, 2013: Luke 15.11-22
March 17th, 2013: Luke 20.9-19
March 24th, 2013: Luke 19.29-40
March 31st, 2013: Luke 24.1-12

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