Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hebrews 12.18-29

This coming Sunday we will be focusing on Hebrews 12.18-29. In this passage the writer lays out for us two different mountains. There is Mount Sinai, where the people [and animals] were not able to touch the mount for fear of God. And there is Mount Zion, that is the heavenly Jerusalem. A place of festal gathering that is inhabited by angels, by the first born, the Judge of all, spirits of the righteous, and by Jesus.

This Jesus is the one who is our mediator of the new covenant [v24]. And he speaks to us a better word then a word of vengeance. As Christians we are called to participate with this new Jerusalem by worshiping the Lord. But, in verses 25-29 we come to understand that there are those who have turned away from this new covenant [v25]. They refuse this Jesus who is speaking. They reject the one who warns from heaven [v25]. Whatever is left to shake will be shaken and our God is an all-consuming fire [v29].

This is a dire warning from the preacher to those who have become lethargic in their faith ----- who have become disinterested. The preacher is reminding them that there are cosmic consequences in what we do when we gather together. That we are worshiping the very creator of all that is seen and unseen ------ and in that worship we are living into the reality of the New Jerusalem. How can we refuse this calling? How can we reject this Jesus who is speaking to us? If we do there are cosmic consequences for us ------ as we reject our first love. Therefore, let us persevere in the faith.

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