Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mitchell Town Methodist Church - Mitchell Town Jamaica

In 2011 Warren's Grove sent out a letter to the people of Mitchell Town Methodist Church in Jamaica.  We sent this letter in hopes to form a covenant with the people of Mitchell Town.  They accepted our covenant offer and we have been linked together in covenant with the congregation of Mitchell Town ever since.  We have covenanted to pray for one another.  To intentionally lift each other up in prayer on a regular basis.  We have also covenanted to send a mission work team, once a year, to go and help rebuild their church building.  The building has been devastated by hurricanes over the many years.  We have also been in covenant to take a collection of school supplies for the local children of Mitchell Town.  The elementary school in Mitchell Town is run by this church.  This has been a beautiful friendship and relationship.  In 2012 we sent our second mission work team to Mitchell Town.  We are proud to form this partnership and to be in ministry with the congregation that serves our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Jamaica.  Please be in prayer for the people of Mitchell Town and their pastor Rev. Janis Jack-Watson. 

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