Tuesday, December 13, 2011


“Now imagine the emotional state of a teenager who just found out she is pregnant and has yet to tell her parents. Not quite sure Mom and Dad bought the 'God did it' excuse immediately, if ever, and from that point on, God's blessing would only continue to bring pain into Mary's life—all the way to the foot of her son's cross.” Recently I read Mike Slaughter's book Christmas is Not Your Birthday. I really appreciated the things he had to say about the sacrifices that Mary made in preparation for Jesus' birth. As I consider that ---- I wonder what kind of sacrifices that we make in preparation for Jesus' coming? So often, this time of year we get caught up in what we want and what we need to be doing. For a moment, consider the sacrifices that need to happen in our lives in preparation for Christ coming. What is the Lord calling you to be about? What do you need to sacrifice to live into that calling?

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