Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Burlap to Cashmere

I just got the new CD from Burlap to Cashmere. It has a folk and latin feel to it. The song "Build a Wall" is one of those dance songs that get your body moving. The chorus for "Build a Wall" goes:
"Shade the light, down the song, close the shades, lock the door,
Burn the pages, of your life, as your body, hits the floor
And as you weep, you can hear, there's a an echo, of a call,
Through the valley, of the night, Nehemiah builds the wall."


Amanda Rose said...

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea this group was still together. I used to love listening to them in college.

Buckingham Palace said...

This is Liam's favorite song off the album... we have to play it over and over. Good news is I like it to.