Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jeremiah 23.1-6

This coming Sunday we will be talking about what the prophet Jeremiah means when he says: "The Lord is our Righteousness." When I think of righteousness I think of right-standing. That in our relationships with each other we are doing right and in our relationship with God we are doing right. In this passage we could make the point that because the Lord is our righteousness ------ now we can be in right-standing relationship with others. So our ability to live in right relationship with God/others/ourselves/nature is all due to the Lord who is our righteousness. The one who has made us righteous ----- through the righteous act of laying down his life for us. But, this is the intriguing thing to me ----- what is the significance of "the Lord is our Righteousness" being tied to the line of David? Why does there have to be this kingly line?

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