Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brunswick Stew

Hello all. Today is a Brunswick Stew day at Warren's Grove. Every time a stew comes around I immediately start thinking about how to apply a stew to a message in the pulpit. I am open to ideas, but I haven't thought of any yet. But, I did run across a great quote about food preparation that I thought all of you would like to hear. This is from the book Leaders Make the Future by Bob Johansen. He says: "Food has always been an interesting medium for expressing the maker instinct. Kitchens are designed for makers, with as much elegance and creativity as the cook would like. In the always-busy world of the future, the desire to prepare meals will be tempered by time. Although people want to be involved in making food for themselves and their families, they won't have hours to invest in cooking." He goes on to show how corporations can capitalize on these two divergent urges by making food products that have some preparation (but not too much). Why I show this quote is due to the fact that Brunswick Stew preparation is a community effort. And it is from scratch!!! And we devote hours upon hours into this preparation. This is getting back to the urge to cook a healthy meal from scratch----while at the same time, continue to be very busy with a family life (the entire family comes)----while at the same time, do all of this together as the gathered body of Christ. As the busy, gathered, eating, and sharing body of Christ we give away almost all of the money raised in mission to Person County and the world. What a beautiful way to live out our faith.

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