Friday, March 28, 2008

First Question

So, yesterday it began. I was walking through the library at Duke University, while at the same time perusing some of the new books that have come into the library. When someone said to me: "If you're looking for a good book, you should read The Celestine Prophecy. He then went on to describe the book to me and asked if I had read it. I indicated to him that I have the book on my book shelf but I have never read all of it. He then asked me if I believed in deja vu, heightened intellectual experiences of mind over matter or visions of future events?
By this time a colleague of his (I think they were working on the wiring in the library) got in on the conversation as well. After explaining to them that I believe in prophecy, but I don't believe we are to make ourselves into our own god. We must always remember that we are creature and not creator. They then went on to ask me if I am studying theology here at Duke. I said, you know what, actually I am a pastor of a church in Roxboro, NC, while at the same time studying at the Divinity School here on campus.
Immediately after hearing that I am a Pastor the one person who came in on the conversation last asked me a question, he said: "What do you think of women in leadership positions in the church?"
This is my first question!!!
I encourage any response to his question---while at the same time any other questions regarding this one.




Anonymous said...

So what was your response to the man in the library? Did he have an opinion on women in leadership?

The bible is filled with examples of extraordinary women whom God used to lead, bless, and serve others. Sarah, Mary, Esther, Hannah and many others perservered through the trials and tests set before them to emerge strong.

Philip said...


I always try to understand where someone is coming from. We had a lot of discussion about church politics and the Southern Baptist Convention. He had much of the same questions that I brought up. For instance, how can Paul say (paraphrasing) women be quiet in the church --- while at the same time telling them to cover their heads when the prophesy. Hence there is a difference between what Paul was saying in that passage and what he implemented. That is the direction that I went. What direction would you go?